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MOCA device help please.


Currently I am using the Arcadyan modem/router on bridged mode.


The connection source is through Fibre.  The Arcadyan modem has MOCA Capabilities which I am utilizing with another Actiontec MOCA device that is located in the basement. The Actiontec device is connected through a switch to my clients and they get around 200 Mbps. (My direct Ethernet connection is just under 1000mbps).


Previously on Shaw I was using 2 Actiontec MOCA device. 1 of which was connected to the modem and 1 connect to a switch in the basement and I was getting speeds past 500 Mbps in the same scenario. (direct internet connection was 600mbps).


I believe my problem may be with the Arcadyan MOCA capabilities.




1) since we are using Fibre internet and the source is no longer from the coaxial in the wall, is there a way to use 2 Actiontec Moca devices without using the Arcadyan MOCA capabilties? 


 - I have tried plugging the Arcadyan to Coaxial-In on the Actiontec and Coaxial-out to the wall and it doesn't seem to pass anything through.

 - I have also tried swapping the In/Out but that doesn't make any sense because the source is now from the modem through Fibre.


2) What are the Arcadyan MOCA capabilties? is it gigabit? MOCA 2.0/2.5?


PS. told by technician that I would no longer need a MOCA filter which i took off.












Yes you can use two or more moca adapters instead. I do this and get near full gigabit speed from them.  Just plug Ethernet from one to your router lan and other one to computer or switch elsewhere connected via coax. Can even send vlan across These and I do to send t3200m lan for Optik and my pfsense to upstairs bedroom via managed switches - eg port 1 on switch is pfsense lan and port 2 is optik lan. 


taking off moca filter may allow neighbors access to your network if they have an adapter. By default they are programmed with no security.