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Lower internet speeds

Just Moved In
Hey all,
I have the Pure Fibre Gigabit Internet, which should be around 940mb/s download.

When I checked it was only 630mb/s. Also when I am downloading a game through Steam or XBox Gamepass it caps at 70mb/s.

They put a white box on my wall which has a cable going to the SFP port on my Telus router and I have an ethernet cable running from the router LAN to my PC

Community Manager
Community Manager

As for the game downloading, that's often simply due to their end and not your speed, i.e. I have the same speed at my place and installing games from GamePass or updates, etc. never download near that speed, and my Series X is hardwired about 5 feet from my TELUS equipment. Last I remember downloading an update for Dead By Daylight I think I saw it peaking at like 220mb/s?


As for the general speed itself there are of course a number of issues that can impact it...interference/saturation from other nearby signals (if using Wi-Fi) to the equipment itself. If rebooting your equipment doesn't get you closer to the desired speed via a speedtest, you can always reach out to our Tech Support team at 1-888-811-2323 or via Live Chat online at for further assistance and investigation!