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Laptop is still connected despite using my wifi app to pause device

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Hello, we have the laptop and the my wifi app (on cellphone) in front of us.

The app is showing "paused" on that specific device but the laptop continues to be connected to the wifi/internet.

We've checked the IP address ( it says public) and verified that it's the correct laptop.

All other devices in the home says private network.

We've also released and renewed the IP address and tried again, all to no avail.


Does anyone have the same problem and any suggestions?

Is the private/public network the culprit and if so, how do we change it to private?





Community Power User
Community Power User

On a Windows laptop?


If I recall, public vs. private is chosen in the Network security section, and is presented when you first set up the network connection, and is related to the level of security and connectivity to network resources.


You may have to delete, and recreate the network connection to add it to a private network, rather than public, if you want to switch.

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