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Is it possible to open a port on a Telus modem?

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I tried to create a port using the port forwarding tab in the firewall settings for my minecraft sever, it is not working. I have used many different port numbers such as the default 25565, 22, and 80. Is it even possible to open up a port? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Port 80 is blocked for incoming connections on all residential plans. Aside from the restricted few blocked ports, others have been able to open some other ports in the past. It can be rather finicky though.


From a previous discussion on this topic: The known blocked ports are:

TCP 21 (ftp)

TCP 25 (smtp)

TCP 80 (www)

TCP 110 (pop3)

TCP 6667 (ircd)

TCP/UDP 135-139 (dcom and netbios)

TCP/UDP 443 (ssl)

TCP/UDP 445 (ms-ds)

TCP/UDP 1433-1434 (ms-sql)

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You don't "open" a port. On the router you forward an existing non-blocked port to your server and your server listens on that port. If a non-blocked port doesn't work it's not because it's not "open", it's because nothing is responding on that port.



  1. Did you reserve an IP address for the server you are port forwarding to?
  2. Did you verify whether your server is using the default port 25565 or a custom port?
  3. Is your server running when you do an external test?
  4. Did you verify you can access your server internally from your LAN?
  5. Did you try for testing? That's what I use so I know it works.