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Internet going down daily at the same times

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We just switched to Telus Fiber Optik service one week ago. Every single day everything goes out around 1pm, and then again around 10:15pm. It will be out for at least 4 hours, there's no amount of power cycling, unplugging/replugging that will bring the system back up, it comes up when it's good and ready. When I get up in the morning and turn a device on it 'wakes up' and will be fine until around 1pm.

There will be no lights on the modem, so no power, and the wi-fi pods are red.

A tech finally came out yesterday, redid the whole install, had it working great. I left the house and it went out (shortly before 1pm). The tech came back around 5pm (when the system normally comes back up), suspected the power supply on the modem was over heating and replaced it. Everything he said made perfect sense about the modem turning off to cool down, and it was working fine when he left.

I went to bed at 10:30 and like clockwork, the system went red.

When it works, it works great, but these outages are driving us crazy. I don't see how this is possible, but the outages seem tied directly to what I'm doing, I go back to work after lunch, the system goes out. I go to bed, the system goes out, no matter what time I leave/go to bed. I do have the Telus connect app on my phone. I don't have any family profiles set up, so I haven't scheduled wi-fi outages for homework or anything like that, but it really seems like these outages are scheduled somewhere. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.


Community Power User
Community Power User
Call the tech who did your install. He would have left you his business card.

Do you have any power spikes in your area? If you do, you could try a UPS to prevent these power spikes causing your outages. However power spikes shouldnt be happening routinely at the same time either.

Doing above doesnt eliminate your chances of having a lemon device either. Have you tried plugging it back in at different times to see if there is a difference in outage time?

No power spikes at all. We texted the tech and he said to move the plug on the modem to the other outlet nearby and do one more power cycle on the boosters. I have no idea what the other outlet was supposed to accomplish because the first one worked fine. Anyhow we did this and I also deleted the Telus app from my phone because the problems really seemed to be connected to my movements. It's worked fine ever since! Go figure.

Glad to hear it worked, but curious as to what the root cause was in this case!