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Internet, Home Phone & Security

I have fibre Internet, home phone and Telus security. Whenever my Internet goes down my home phone is also down. Can’t dial out or receive calls and the phone is basically dead until the Internet comes back up. So I’m guessing that my security system won’t be able to dial out either when the Internet is down. Is this normal for Telus to hook everything together like this?

Community Power User
Community Power User

I have a UPS connected to my fibre gateway, router and cordless phone. Internet and phone keeps working when power is out. I can't speak to the security system as I don't have that. The UPS I have is a mid size one but it you're in an area with extended power outages, a bigger UPS would be better. 

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I'm not talking about power outages. What I'm saying is when my Internet is down, so is my home phone and most likely my security system.  My Internet was down twice on Dec 25 for ~2 hrs each time and the home phone was completely dead for the same amount of  time.  Pretty sure my security system couldn't dial out either.   

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Community Power User
Telus security normally uses your wifi connection. If that connection is lost, it falls back to its cellular backup.

Our security system was originally from ADT and Telus bought them out and nothing has changed except for the billing. It was wired to call out on a landline. As far as I know there never was a wifi or cellular connection on it. Even if it was on wifi, if the Internet is down, it still wouldn't work.