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Incompatibility of Google web mail with Outlook

Just Moved In

I am extremely frustrated that Telus would have initiated a switch to google as its email server backbone without testing the compatibility with Outlook. The tech support person I spoke with yesterday said that no one he's dealt with is able to receive emails through outlook - regardless of the version. I find this totally shocking. I'm left with an outlook program that has multitudes of folders with important documents that I can't integrate with gmail stored on the cloud. I feel that Telus has really dropped the ball here and from what I've read in the forums, this has been an ongoing issue for months with "we're working on it" as the pat answer. Up until this Monday everything was working fine until the migration. There was no issue with Outlook and now I'm told that I have to deal with Microsoft to resolve this. This wasn't a Microsoft issue and good luck trying to resolve this for a 2007 program and a monolithic corp that couldn't care less about the individual customer. As a 30 year customer of Telus, I am totally unimpressed and when my Telus Mobility comes up for renewal in 2 months, I'm going to switch to another provider out of principle. 


Friendly Neighbour

I'm in the same boat. TELUS ARE YOU WATCHING?????

I now cant even open Microsoft Outlook. I run a business with the program. Been on the computer for over an hour try to find a solution. Wont even try calling Telus as you cant get a human being on the phone. This might be the last straw.