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How to stop your door-to-door sale harassment

Just Moved In

I live in Oakville and your door-to-door sale people are harassing us/bothering us/annoying us, let and right. Who should we complain to so that we remove our address from your harassment list? One of your sale people bothered us when we were working from home during the day a while ago, so we had to stop our meeting, get the door just to realize a sale person was trying to make commissions and then he was told not to bother us again. 

Today, again, two guys showed up on our door; absolutely rude when we were having a quiet time just after work. Trying to be nice to them, we said we are only interested if what you are offering is free. One of your guys, pretended to throw his own cell phone at us!!!! I'm not sure if it was the trainer or the mentee. Are you that desperate to hire these rude kids to promote you as if you were a cheap corporation? Or are you really that cheap? How should we complain to stop this harassment? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.