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How To Connect Telus WIFI to Chromecast Ultra

Just Moved In

This is so frustrating! My Chromecast will not connect to my new wifi? I have to manually place the wifi address into the app. I'm not sure if the address is all one word Telus_ _ _ _ or 2 words Telus (space) _ etc., or what security if any I have?

I've tried them all. This has taken over an hour so far. Any suggestions?



If you don't know your WiFi SSID how you know it won't connect?


Do you have other devices already connected like a phone or laptop? If so then look at the connection information on those and it will show the correct SSID.

Alternatively you can use a browser on any device already connected to your network and go to view the status page of the router. The status page will show the SSID. If there are 2 SSIDs then use the 5G one.


Have you verified you are using the correct password as well?