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Customer service

Hi, where would one go for customer service when your having issues? We sent our internet hub off to get repaired. We did not get our hub back but a different one. I know it is a different one because we have a wifi antenna and this hub does not have a port to connect a wifi antenna. Brought it in to be told that it is ours and when I said that there is not a port for a wifi antenna to be connected, the supervisor said that the wifi antenna is not in the hub but a separate unit. Tried to explain again that it was not out hub but yeah I am here. Need help asap as I am a student doing online courses. Thank you

Community Power User
Community Power User

You'll find that electronics these days are not designed to be repairable. They are typically replaced. Where did you send the hub to get repaired? Was it the ZTE MF279 cellular Smart Hub? Which device were you given in return?

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