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Home phone not working

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I called Telus on Nov.1 about my house phone that suddenly stopped working. The customer service agent said that someone was going to come to my building to fix it the next morning. However no one showed up the next morning on November 2. I called Telus back and I found out that the repair call was cancelled by the service agent but they neglected to tell me that. What I was told happened is that the customer service agent subsequently found out there was actually an outage in my area and it wasn’t just my individual phone that wasn’t working so they cancelled the repair person to my building and created a ticket for the outage instead.But I didn’t receive a call from the customer service agent that the repair was cancelled for the next day and when the repair person didn’t show up I had to call back myself to find out why. Anyways I am now told that they are working on repairing the outage that involves 128 people they say. However it is over one day later and my home phone is still not working over a day later.

being able to use my home phone is important to me and there is no estimate on when the problem will be fixed.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I’m not sure what your point is. A tech arriving to your building would have done nothing except remove a tech from the actual needed repair. Depending on the cause of the outage, it may require some time for corrective steps to be completed. We had a car drive through a street-side telco box this past summer. It was well over a week before all the lines were reconnected, as they had to sort through several hundred pairs of wires.


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There is a link in the footer of each web page that takes you to a page for checking outages.