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Home Security Telus Assistant - Voice Password to disarm

Just Moved In

Everything is working ok minus the garage door (but this is known to not work yet). 

I can arm the house stay, and away with Alexa, but I cannot setup the disarm feature in Alexa. I go in, toggle the Voice Control feature "disarm by voice". It then prompts me to enter a 4 digit code, and confirm that code. 


Then it wants me to login to website. This gets done successfully but then the following message appears: "Looking for something" We'red sorry. The web address you entered in not a functioning page.........


When I go to the home page on amazon, there is nothing to be found about allowing this feature. 


Please help, it does not enable diarming without the voice password, but it is broken.


What have I tried: Unlinking the skill, deleting the device... trying it a million times. 


Don't know what else to do, I believe it's not on my end tbh. 


Thanks in advance. 


PS. The only reason I am enabling alexa at all is because telus does not have a simple rule one can make. It's the rule to arm the house at a specific time. That should be a simple rule to make, but it simply does not exist.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I know that certain disarming commands like 'Alexa, disarm the panel' etc. should be available, but not sure why you're getting this error. Give our SmartHome team a call directly at 1-855-255-8828 so that they can investigate further with you!