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Help with modem b20T

Just Moved In

HI Is ther a manual for this modem B20T?


Is there an advanced menue with this modem I want to assign some static IP addresses to some devices.






@Joe59 HI Is there a manual for this modem B20T?


I haven't seen a manual for this device, however, pointing a browser at the config interface for the device, and accessing that GUI through the admin logging will probably show all the additional settings.


I'm guessing you'll have to first log into your Telus router and see what IP address the wireless device has been assigned. then go to that address in your browser and enter the admin credentials to access that device.


The credentials for the Wi-Fi device should be attached to a label that is on the device under the bottom base of the device.


Not that this video will show how to connect to the Wi-Fi device, it will show where the login credentials are found.


Hope this helps... Cheers...


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Thanks I think I have gone through those steps but will repeat. The router/gateway gui's from ISPs are really locked down to limit any real management of the system. I guess it saves them on support issues.

I will respond with what I find but I think I went through every menu item and there is no way to set a local IP address for a connected device.