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Help in removing an Alcatel-Lucent ONT

Just Moved In

Hi there,


Telus had installed this terminal when I first signed up for their fiber services. It is located in a small network cabinet where all the the drops terminate, pictured below:




I need to move this device down by about 3 inches to make room for another device. My problem is, it seems completely stuck to the board. It's definitely attached by what feels like two screws or whatever near the top (I can tell because I can pull the bottom towards me by about 3 cm).


I've already tried pushing the device up, left, and right in an effort to "unhinge" it from what I am assuming are two screws. I'm afraid if I use any more force (and I am using a lot!) I'll end up ripping off the back panel or damaging the device itself.


Wondering if anyone here has any ideas or if perhaps I am missing something?


Thanks so much in advance!!


Community Power User
Community Power User

Mine is mounted with two screws in two of four slots in the back. You are on the right track, but I think the slots are on a diagonal leading down and to the left in your installation, based on what I could feel on the back of the device.


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@NFtoBC - Thank you so much for the reply!


You're right, the slots on the back of the ONT are diagonal and I figured out the proper direction.


Unfortunately no matter how hard I try, the darn thing just won't budge.... Not too sure at this point if I should contact Telus but I am doubtful if they would send someone over for a request such as this.