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Help desk no help

Trying to get fiber hooked up to our new to us house. 1st tech found fiber cable broken. He rebooked a service call. 2nd tech arrived found the cable not repaired. Confirmed no signal from main box. Escalated ticket. No response so we have spent about 9 hours on hold (total) Manager is not returning calls within 24 hours. We just received a text from 777222 with no identifier or heading. Text reads “we confirm that your appointment is now Mon Sept 25 between 9AM-11AM”
We replied to the text “Appointment for what” with no response.
I really don’t have any further time for this nonsense and am ready to start the breakup process because Telus can’t find their Butt with both hands in the dark.
I’m at the end of my patience.
If anyone can help please do

Someone showed up at the house today. Moved the box outside that was attached to the outside of the house leaving a big hole open into my home.

Telus sent a technician, and fixed the hole in the house.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Happy to hear that the technician was able to take care of the hole in your house, but this experience overall is definitely not what we want our customers to have. Please advise if there's anything further you'd like done or if you'd like to speak with someone regarding this situation. Thanks.