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Ethernet Switch down of Router not allowing ethernet connection

Just Moved In

I Recently installed a new unmanaged ethernet switch (TP-Link Model TL-SG1016) and anything connected is periodically allowing connection but keeps disconnecting (This can range between seconds or hours).

The current setup goes from an Nokia ONT to a TELUS T3200M Router than is connected into the TP Link TL-SG1016 Ethernet Switch. Anything still directly connected to the T3200M Router has perfect connection and has no issues, with the only issues are directly from the TP Link Ethernet Switch. The Power supply is stable indicated with a solid green light, the Link/Act is green flashing indicating it is running and is transmitting or receiving.

Not sure what would be causing the ethernet to be fluctuating on devices as they source ethernet cable and port from the router has been verified by connecting it to a laptop.

Is there something within the TP-Link Ethernet Switch itself not allowing proper connection?



Do you subscribe to telus TV? If so, some switches do not work well with the multi cast packets that are broadcast to the set top boxes 




If you are an Optik TV subscriber then the issue may be related to Optiks use of network broadcast traffic.


I took a look at the specifications for that switch on the TP-Link web site. They do not specifically mention support for IGMP snooping:


SG-!016 Product Page 


This switch is marketed as a business / rack mounted switch .. which may explain the deficiency.


I do not see a 16 port version of their consumer / SOHO branded switches on the TP-Link web site but there is an 8 port switch, TL-SG108 that does support IGMP snooping.


TP Link TL-SG108 Product Page 


A strong caveat, on my part, though. My knowledge of network protocols in general and Optik's network implementation in particular is superficial at best. In the absence of definitive Optik documentation and/or technical support from Telus my opinion is worth what you paid for 🙂 .


Even if your switches support IGMP snooping you still may encounter weird issues with some of your network aware appliances. My Daikin wall mounted thermostat refuses to talk to my Daikin iPhone app when we stream content from our Optik PVR. While this is annoying .. it isn't lethal ... so we live with it.