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Email to Myself


If I log on to Webmail directly, I can send an e-mail to myself.  The test e-mail shows on Sent Mail and appears in the Inbox.


When using MS Outlook 365 mail client, however, I cannot.  At both the client level and the Webmail level, the e-mail shows up in Sent Mail folder.  The e-mail, however, never shows up in the Webmail Inbox, and thus nothing is there to get passed up to the Outlook client.


I am looking for any ideas why this might happen, and want determine if it is a Webmail thing or an MS Outlook thing.  It is like something detects the sender and recipient addresses are the same and so simply deletes the e-mail.


If I copy a Gmail account everything is fine.  It is only when [email protected] to [email protected] that the e-mail send never completes.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Works for me using Apple Mail.  I would look to Outlook being the culprit.


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Hey @Kenc!

If you are able to send and receive emails through Webmail, the Telus server is working. Is your outlook email set up as POP? If so, your emails will only be stored on that computers server and will not sync properly with webmail. This setup was more common ages ago, but more and more people are being set up as IMAP which syncs everywhere. 


But so far this does not sound like a Telus issue, more so an Outlook setting.