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E-mail migration to Windows Live Mail 2012


After many hours of slogging, I was able to set up my email on my laptop, tablet and phone. However, now I am trying to set up email on my husband's laptop. He uses my email account  and has his own alias. I do all the steps as outlined in the migration instructions, but every time I get this error message:


The server has rejected your login. Please verify that your user name and password are correct.


     Account: Telus (my username)


     User name:  [email protected]

     Protocol: IMAP

     Port: 993

     Secure (SSL): 1

     Code: 800cccd1


The next dialog box is a logon screen - Server:

                                                             User Name: [email protected]

                                                             Password: *******  (I have typed and re-typed this carefully.


I have tried various formulations of my username (with and without initial capitals)

Is there something glaringly obvious that has gone screaming by my face? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated - thank you in advance.


Just Moved In
Just bloody sign into your email address with your password and save it as your husband uses your email as an alias. Dammm what’s he hiding ? Or are you that controlling?

Of course I’m just poking fun. I’ll do hope your issues resolve quickly. Telus is still number one for all our tech savvy Junkr

Cheers 🙂

Community Power User
Community Power User

You should be able to set it upon your husband’s computer the same as you did on your own. He can simply change the reply to, and signature blocks to send his identity to correspondents


Have you an option to update the mail software on his laptop to a more recent version?


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Certainly, I set it up just as if it was me. The system did not like the password as detailed above. I got the most recent version of Microsoft Live Mail 2012 and followed the instructions for that. No dice. And I got security breach messages on my laptop because there had been a sign-in on a non-Google device. Ugh.


So I have done a workaround that seems to make him content - signed him up for Gmail and set a filter on my Telus account to forward the emails to his Gmail account. The Gmail account plays nice with Live Mail and he can see all his old folders as well.


Thank you for your suggestions - greatly appreciated. I just wish they made things less complicated for us seniors!!!!





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"signed him up for Gmail and set a filter on my Telus account to forward the emails to his Gmail account"


I have done this for years. (Shh -- I'm with Rogers, which is hugely unreliable.)


I also have every email I send from or receive at my Rogers account BCCed/forwarded to yet another Gmail account that works as my complete archive, in case of hard drive crashes, having learned that lesson once.

@telusdetective @keb Thank you all for your suggestions - a lot of information there that I can put to use. We did solve some of our problems - my husband went out and got a new laptop with Windows 10!! We are now both using Thunderbird and are getting our emails. That brings up its own set of issues ...


These emails are all integrated so that anything I do is copied on his Thunderbird and vice versa. I seem to be drowning in email now - it's in my Inbox, the AllMail box, and the Important Mail box. This has to be a Google thing that we will need to play with again. I had followed the instructions to hide folders and hid the AllMail and Important folders - but that wasn't ideal.


I like the idea of getting another Telus email for my husband. I thought it was 5-6 aliases, not accounts, so I will checkt that out. I tried to do that this morning, but when I clicked on the Internet tab inside my MyTelus account, I received a message "Looks like something went wrong". They seem to have a lot of issues with their website - I get this message quite often, even when checking the details for my billing and usage.


I am not particularly impressed with this new emai - maybe as seniors we are just too set in our ways!! Again, thank you all so much for your assistance - it is greatly appreciated. I'll keep playing with things!



Helpful Neighbour

Hmm, strange.  I use aliases, as well, and haven't come across the issue that you're having.  Just to double-check, when you are trying to set it up on his computer, you are using your user_name/email to log in and not the alias/email?

BTW, as an FYI, it seems that Gmail's SMTP server ignores what you put down as your email address (i.e. [email protected])  and tags all outgoing emails' From field as being [email protected] .  By that, I mean if even if your have Winmail set up to say that you are [email protected], Gmail will change it and the person receiving your email will see that it is from [email protected].

Sorry, kind of difficult to explain clearly, but if you ever manage to get the alias going in Winmail, send a message from the alias to one of your accounts and see for yourself what it says in the From field.

BTW #2, why not get your husband his own Telus email account instead of an alias?  You're allowed at least five separate accounts (can't remember the exact number).

Some people have claimed that changing your Gmail settings to allow less secure apps worked for them.


I'm using Winmail in Win7, and that's what I had to do.  I thought that Live Mail didn't require this, but maybe it does.