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Door to Door Sales


Telus, are you aware that the third party company you hired to door to door sales (The Acquisition Group) are parading around the Calgary area claiming to be direct Telus employees and aggressively advertising fake Telus promos to get personal info and refusing to provide sales agreement when asked? Literally had two people approach my home and say they can offer home internet, security and TV all for $50/month and additional bill credit and asking for my name, address, date of birth, and driver's licence in person and text message. You better tell the marketing company you hired to smarten up. I'm sure CCTS would be happy to hear about this...


Community Manager
Community Manager

@WhyTeluswhy Our door to door sales teams are generally contracted to perform the work, however; they're also expected to represent our brand professionally. I'll send you a private message to collect a bit more info about the area and confirm activity and send feedback. Thanks for flagging this! 

These sales are doing bait and switch and gathering personal info inappropriately. If you read other forums you can see this can be happening for many years.