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Don't be fooled by "No Cost" fiber optics


The only way that Telus' fiber optics is "No Cost" is if you don't value your time. Someone over 18 has to be present when they install it in your home, and it took them 5 visits (the longest was 2 1/2 hours) before they finished, and it still doesn't work right. They also updated my equipment at the time, which means that I lost all my recorded programs with NO advanced notice. After the install, none of my devices (GoogleHome, etc) would work which took me several more hours to figure out. In the end, my computer is no faster, my TV is a little clearer, and my bedroom TV won't work. They tell me I need a new TV in the bedroom, it's 5 years old, and I'm sure this is what they consider "No Cost" to me.


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi Brent, seems the experience was not all the best.  Was there no tests that were performed once the installer completed the work?  Are you still having issues with the service?