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Unhappy with Internet - Is SmartHub any different?


Due to location, we have been stuck with Internet 25 for years. We are super unhappy with it. If I stream YouTube on one device and my child streams on a second device, a third device can't even browse the internet. We're a large family, and we use the internet a LOT so as you can imagine this doesn't work for us.

I've called support, we've tried boosters... nothing helps or works.

And don't get me started on the frequent lagging, the frequent disconnects... the all around poor performance.

I'm looking at trying SmartHub. I don't know if they'll even let me because I know it's supposed to be for 'Rural' customers but they're promising speeds of up to 50mbps which is twice what we have... and for a good $30 less than we currently pay. To me, that seems like a win/win but I'm once bitten twice shy here.

People who live in more remote areas... did you go from Internet 25 to SmartHub and did you find SmartHub more reliable and all around faster?





@ You can google  telus smart hub fill in your address they will search and say yes or no. It's 5g so may not be available to  all rural people .

I'm more interested in whether it's any better than Internet 25. I have had services that claim to be available where I live but when I call they say it's not so before I even go down the road of having to speak to their customer service I'd like to know if SmartHub is even worth the switch.

@nrbrown  I put in my address for smart hub  they say not available. I'am on the edge of a small town bc  Best try starlink.

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All depends on the distance to the tower/line of sight and if any congestion. All factors in overall speed. Generally copper would be the preferred choice.

I switched from DSL to Smart Hub 1 year ago.  The plus side, speed is much better (but no where what they claim).  Download 20-25 Mbps and upload 5-10Mbps.  The down side, the tower I connect to is over saturated.  I typically have to reboot the Smart Hub between once to 3 times a day due to loss of internet.  I work from home and require reliable internet.  Fiber was installed on the poles in my rural area just before Covid hit - but Telus still has no ETA for when I can get hooked up to it.  😞