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Does Telus even respond here?

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Why does it surprise me that this forum doesn't have a category for support.....anyways....

DOES Telus actually ever respond here? Or is it as big a waste of time as waiting on hold on the phone for an agent for an hour EVERY TIME. Do not say that it is high caller volume because it is ALWAYS that long to get through it seems. Pro tip: Respect you loyal paying customer and HIRE MORE AGENTS. Ad if you won't do that don't screw up my bills and holiday pause requests. And by the way, in my case your call backs do not work. Every time I request one the phone rings, I answer, there is no one there. Then I receive a message saying they will call again 2 times. This happens again 2 more times and back to waiting on hold for an hour I go. 3 weeks ago I spent an hour and a half to resolve a billing issue where they were over charging me. 3 days ago I spent an hour to get through, Telus had not activated my vacation pause even though I had done it online and then confirmed it when I had to call about the billing issue. Then 1/2 an hour of talking to an agent who I could barely understand and insisted for the 1st 10 minutes that yes I had requested the pause in service and that therefore it mush have been done. Except I had had my brother in law go and see if the wifi still worked. It did. She goes to her manager, comes back and apologises and says they will do the pause and refund me any billing for the period in question. Like doing the absolute minimum was some kind of gift to me. Then I was offered a $15 credit. I asked what that amount was based on, she replied that it was the price for one month of the pause. Well, last year it was $5. A 3 times markup in one year? Back to manager she goes. Manager insists it was $15 last year. But while waiting I had looked at my bills from that time. Yup, $5. Is the manager lying or incompetent? Who knows. Now the agent is sounding sheepish. I say, you can't expect me to have spent 3 hours on the phone in the past few weeks to charge me 3 times as much as last year and offer me a measly $15 when I am fixing YOUR problem. (By the way, I was calling from France and it is expensive to call and is, at the time, 11 PM here). She offers to put me through to customer loyalty. I say 'how long will that take, she says '5 minutes'. I say 'I imagine more than 20'. She transfers me. An hour later, I get cut off and 10 mins later go to bed. 30 mins after that the agent calls and leaves a message explaining they had had an issue at their office and kindly requests that I call back?! REALLY? Quite the never. How about spending 4 hours on the phone to try to get a hold of me 1st like I have already done to get a hold of you? 


So what do you say Telus? Make an appointment via email to call me and resolve this farce so I can avoid another 2 hours on the phone when I am supposed to be enjoying my trip? It is the least you can do. And since doing the least you can do seems to be a priority with you, it should work out well.



Figured so. Thanks. I guess hah.

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I find Telus support irritating.. The Chat AI is messed up and will try best to prevent you from chatting with a agent.


Best way is to tell the AI chat bot you want to cancel and they will come back asap

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. That's definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. I'll send you a private message to discuss further.