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Whats the standard procedure for disconnection? I received no phone calls nor emails informing me my service would be disconnected. Apparently the service being suspended was the warning.
Heres the catch I dont use the service, someone else is using it and they were out of province at the moment, so they couldn't even advise me the service wasnt working.

It seems odd to me that not one phone call, physical bill or email was sent to advise me of disconnection.

I'd like to know if this is standard policy. If so i'll be resuming service with another company.
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If you want a direct answer about the cause of the issue, call Telus directly and find out the specific reason the service had been suspended.


There is usually a very short list of things that would cause a service to be disconnected though more often than not it's related to unpaid bills. Was the person that was using it the one paying the bill? If you have eBill set up, you will not receive physical bills. Check your recent statements to see if there were arrears or warnings contained within them. 

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In addition to the information contained on the PDF version of an e-bill,  Telus usually calls and emails the owner of a home services account using the account information. Thus they will phone the landline if one exists, and send an email to the Telus.net email address of the account holder. If the account owner has no landline, and does not use the Telus.net email service, they may not receive all notifications of issues related to disconnection.

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