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Desktop does not reconnect to wifi when waking from sleep mode

I have an iMac desktop and the T3200M router that was just installed this week. The internet runs perfectly but I noticed when the computer goes to sleep and wakes up it doesn’t automatically reconnect to the internet. It shows I am connected to the wifi network still but no internet. I have to turn the wifi off and back on for it to work. I checked the energy savings options. I haven’t changed any settings on my computer and this was not an issue with my previous router. This doesn’t happen with any other devices in the house just the desktop. Is there a way to fix this?

In my experience Telus firmware doesn't like to play well with Apple products.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Can you connect with ethernet? Even then there are times when my MacBook is assigned a new name, so there seems a re-connection issue, but it resolves quickly.


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When you have this issue can you hit the router web page to confirm that you indeed have a WiFi connection? I find it hard to believe that the T3200M would care whether the client is a Mac or not after getting a WiFi connection. It possible the WiFi status isn't correct and you don't actually have a connection.

There are alot of known issues with Telus firmware and Apple products. The perception is that they don't care or it would be fixed by now.

You are right I can’t get onto the router page either

So the issue is the Mac doesn't reconnect to WiFi coming out of sleep and lies about it.

It's not clear whether it tries and can't or doesn't try at all.

So I bridged the T3200M to my airport extreme and changed nothing else. My computer reconnects to wifi fine when waking. It is definitely something to do with the router.