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Deleting emails


Me again !  For the most part, my email is now working properly.  But every few days I'll have one or two emails that will not delete nor can I move them to another folder.  Sometimes after a day or two, I can get rid of them, but some just want to hang around forever.  Any suggestions on how to remove my unwanted guests ??


Community Power User
Community Power User

What steps are you taking to delete them? From the open message, or from the listing screen where you can check them off, and delete them en mass?


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From the open message..once I've read it, just click Delete.  Have tried from the en mass as well...usually deletes 90 % of them, but leaves a few.  Sometimes then, I can try deleting individually and can usually get a few more gone.   For the most part, email is finally working great, but just these odd glitches that annoy !

Guess I spoke too soon !  As of yesterday, my email problem is back to square one.  Not receiving anything...again!  Talked to a service rep, said my service area is still having ongoing problems.'s been working fine for past couple of months, now all of a sudden, it's part of an ongoing problem!  Service rep did set me up with a gmail account and have it synced with webmail, so am at least able to get important stuff.  Have been a Telus subscriber since May 1986...guess even long-time loyalty doesn't count for much any more.   

Spent over an hour with Service rep yesterday.  Temporary solution was to create a Gmail account and sync it with webmail.  Says they are still working on recovering August emails from my server.   Decided to try again (early hour)..another hour but this time the service person transferred me to another server...said when original problem is solved, they will merge the two.  So...finally getting email again thru Webmail.  Guess it all depends on which rep you get...each had a different solution, but they both worked for me.  And now a have a Gmail backup account.   So....let's see what next month brings !  Smiley Frustrated