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Copper to Fibre Optik.


Just rec'd email yesterday from Telus that our community in Calgary SW have until July 25/2023 to complete final phase & bring fibre Optik into home-it is mandatory. Don't want it now-even if free.   Had spoken recently to Telus agent & they said don't have to decide for a few years. Will take Calgary a few years to totally switch over &Thus we can continue with regular service (land line & internet) & decide in a few years. We don't have cable-don't watch TV.   We have & love our landlines & do not own cell phone-do not want to own cell phone cannot afford a cell phone(which will only last a short time & then ends up in landfill). Our landline phones have been good for mega years.  QUESTION-Is this a bullying tactic from Telus for us to switch in our community right away? Legally can they force to switch by July 25 or can we wait for a few years f still be supported-copper?   This is totally different from Telus agent that I had spoken to.  All Telus conversations I'm assuming are recorded. Thank you for your I put.



Your intransigence is pointless. Once the fibre rollout is complete the copper infrastructure will be turned off and the copper wires themselves will be removed and reclaimed.


The conversion to fibre is free. Your landline telephones will continue to work. A cell phone is not required. You do not need to use the internet if you don't want it.


The only question for you is timing: how long can you defer the work before your landline stops working.


Once you are converted to fibre service for your landline you will not even notice the difference. Everything works the same as before including your existing landline phones. Getting fibre to the house doesn't require you to get Internet or Optik TV service. You can decide whether you want those independently, same as when you are on copper.