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Cutting fiber (Is this a bad idea?)




I am doing some renovations in by house and I want to run two fibers in the walls while it is exposed. I have an existing 50 meter fiber, would it be a bad idea to cut it half, install the two fibers and have service tech connectorize them on site when I set up the new setting up the new networks? I'm not sure they connectorise the fibers on site or just use pre-made cables. 




@williamB1   Telus  generally does not do inside wiring. The installer may do it for you maybe not. If they have the tooling to do your type of fiber cable. My self i put cate5 to many areas of the house. Bought a rj45 crimper with cable tester ( $ 20 ) from prime cables canada and did all ends myself. Cate5  is cheap compared to 6. They have all the ends you need. If your doing a special install get someone to that knows it ------- to late after the rock is on and does not work to your liking.  In my case all equipment is hidden in power room with the wifi good in all areas but most far corner a storage area


Cutting fiber is generally a bad idea. A better idea is to buy pre-terminated (with pre-installed connectors) fiber cables with the right length. Since you have the walls open, however, the best idea is to run empty 1" flexible nonmetallic conduit between your locations and run fiber through them when you're ready.