Copper & Pure Fibre Not Available in New Neighbourhoods?


I'm moving to a new home in less than a month, and I phoned up Telus to see about moving my services. I'm currently on PureFibre and Optik TV. 


The neighbourhood I'm moving to is new and according to the guy I spoke to, will be set up for PureFibre internet, but not until spring. Since it's not going to be spring for a WHILE yet in Alberta, he told me he'd see about taking the PureFibre "tag" off the property so that it could be set up for copper services in the meantime. Totally fine. 


But when I call back to check on this process,  I'm told by a different guy that new neighbourhoods have NO copper services, and though he will double check, I will probably not have internet until spring when the PureFibre is installed????? Unless I switch to a different service provider????????? I definitely do not want to do that!! I am very happy with my Telus services and I don't want to have to switch contracts for a few months until the PureFibre is ready to go, that has headache all over it. Does this sound correct????? The agent is supposed to call me back by tomorrow, and I REALLY hope he was incorrect!!

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If the neighborhood is a brand new development then there will be no copper in the ground. Unfortunately things like this can happen when developers work through the winter bringing up new subdivisions when the ground is frozen. Buried cables can't be trenched until the spring thaw. It's a very good possibility that the timeline for your build either wasn't communicated early enough to Telus to get the Fibre trenched in last season or the construction timeline may have changed and the builds went up ahead of schedule. You won't be able to get any service until the Fibre is put in. There will be no copper option.
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In addition to the comment of @Chicnstu, there was a thread here a while ago indicating that some south Calgary neighbourhoods have been preferentially wired by only one telecom provider, and the other lags. I guess the developers get a deal by going with an exclusive.


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