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Connecting to 5G network


I have access to 3 networks, and I have 2 modems because of the distance between my computer location and my Optik TV.


I have been logged into the 4G network, but noticed that I also have access to a 5G network, but did not try to access it.  Today, I decided to try and had no problem when I was using my IPad mini, but when I tried to log in on my PC, I was met with the following: "Enter Network Security Key' and when I entered the key, I was informed that this # was incorrect.  I was instructed to click the button on the modem as an alternate method.  But, since I have 2 modems I am uncertain as to which modem I should try.  I am very hesitant to start "pushing buttons" because I do not want to lose both my internet and TV reception.


Very puzzled as to why the Apple IPad can connect, but the PC won't.




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Are you talking about wifi or cellular? 4G and 5G is cellular. 2.4GHz and 5GHz is wifi.


You won't have two modems from Telus. You'll usually have either the T3200M or the white smart wifi hub. If you're seeing two separate networks from one of the gateways, I would suspect you have the T3200M since the smart hub doesn't split the networks. Do you have wireless extenders like Telus Boost or similar products? They'll often have their own separate network and password.


You'll need to identify which wifi network is associated with each router/gateway or wifi extender you have. If you are using the default network name (Telus####) then you will be able to see that on the sticker on the side of the gateway. The network security key is another way of saying enter the password for your wifi network on Windows. It needs to be entered exactly correct for it to work.

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Thanks for the reply.  I was referring to Wifi.


As you can probably tell, I am not very tech savy.


When Telus installed my Optik TV, they were unable to bring the line through to the living room because of the concrete wall (I live in a highrise condo) so they had to move the modem from the computer room and place it beside the TV.  This resulted in very slow downloads when I was on the computer so I contacted them and a very snarky technician came with, what I thought was another modem, but he never bothered to explain what it was .  He just installed it and left.


Anyway, I did write the network key down and I just checked the modem and the number I have is correct, but when I enter it to connect with 2-5G I receive a message that it is incorrect.


Once this COVID crap is over, I will get in touch with Telus and find out how to resolve the issue.  As I said in my post, I find it puzzling that I can connect with my ipad  with no problem, but the PC will not connect


Thanks once again.

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Usually there is a descriptor on each device. Can you share the device names from each of the units you have?


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@Di444 You live in a highrise condo so it is very likely you see available WiFi connections from serveral neighbors. Are you sure you are selecting your SSID when you connect?