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Complaint regarding phone marketing

Just Moved In

How do I file an online complaint with Telus (B.C.)  The chat bot provides a link to a contact form, but nothing happens when I click on it.  

Had a pretty bad experience with a telus marketing call tonight and need to report it. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

If it was a legitimate Telus marketing call, and not the scammers, you can call Telus at 310-1000 – Option 1 (Alberta and British Columbia); or 1-800-567-0000 – Option 1 (All other provinces), and request that you be removed from all contact lists and to make a complaint. Regular tech support can't pull you off the contact lists but the Privacy Centre can.


There are scammers out there pretending to be Telus and making cold telemarketing calls. Many of them can get pretty nasty / angry if you don't give them your info. If one of them called, Telus can't do anything about that as the scammers are typically overseas.

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Thank you for that good advice. We use the "call control" function but Telus can bypass that w/out even having to enter the required number.

Thanks again

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