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Can you have two Telus 15 internet plans/modems in seperate parts of your house?

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Can you have two Telus 15 internet plans/modems in seperate parts of your house?


Telus 15 is the max internet my suite can get according to Telus agent. But I use a teredici client via ethernet cable to connect to work and if anything else tries to connect through wifi it disconnects my work system. My boyfriend gets home at 3:30 pm from work and tries to watch netflix on our apple tv and use his phone on wifi and it totally freezes up and disconnects the connection to my work system. Can I have a separate internet for him and our phones in our bedroom where we already have another cable outlet.


Thanks for your help!



Shouldn't be an issue but may take some convincing of the agent you speak with.  My wife and I work from home and fibre is not an option in our neighborhood.  We have two 25Mbps services (into the same router though) to handle Optik TV and the internet speeds.


They should be able to install two services if you're willing to pay for it.


I may depend on the availability of copper lines in your neighborhood. Telus doesn't want to be in a situation where they don't have any lines if someone wants new service and some customers have more than 1 line.


The challenge you may run in to is a limitation of the billing system. You won't be able to have 2 residential services active at the same address. If you can designate one as a basement suite then it will go in fine but the system will say there is a "block clearance" if an order is placed for second service at the same civic address. If you do one as a business line it will work but business services are more money per month. Maybe you can convince your company to pay for it? Either way, this is info that might come in handy.

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Might a commercial switch with traffic shaping be an option?


Alternately, the OP and boyfriend need to have a chat. I’d put work requirements above leisure.


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@NFtoBC traffic shaping would definitely be a good option. I guess it comes down to cost for a network switch with that capability and how bad they want to control it on their end vs getting a second line and having peace of mind.