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Change T3200m DNS Server settings

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Hi, I apologize if this is a dumb question ...  I have my T3200M providing internet for my small business, but I want to use my Windows 2019 server for DHCP and DNS for my network computers. Can I change the DNS Server 1 setting in my T3200 router settings from the default gateway (the T3200 router @ to the static ip of my Windows server without disrupting my internet connection?


Community Power User
Community Power User

If you do change the DNS to Statically Assigned, I believe you'll need to reboot the T3200 for it to actually take effect. Depending on the devices you have connected, do you know how long each will go before automatically updating to use the Windows server for DNS? If they don't do it automatically, they may need rebooting also. Plus if you're using IPv6, I don't know if you can even set custom DNS on the T3200M. I don't see it in the settings.


The other problem you'll find is DHCP on the T3200 can't be disabled.


Are you on standard residential internet or business internet? Is it fibre or DSL?

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Hi, we are on a double copper line as our building does not have fibre.