Can't send e-mails....I can get them but can't send when I'm on he road


I've had this issue hundreds of times over the 15 years I've been with Telus and to date no one has solved it, sure they've helped me for a week or so but not time I'm on the road the same thing happens.

Any time I'm on the road and using the hotels/place I'm at's WIFI (apple lap top) I can't send e-mails. I can surf and I get all my e-mails but nothing can go out. I use my Apple Mail.

"cannot send message using Telus server" "The host on port 1,025 failed"


I literally ahve been on the phone with Telus and Apple over the years for 60+ hours on this, telus blaming apple, but I know 100% this is a Telus issue as its been an issue with 4 or 5 laptops I've had over the course of this issue.


Can anyone help?


my port is set to 1025 and I mentioned this has been an ongoing issue so assume Telus has tried the basics, looking for a more in-depth solution beyond changing the port #. Or thoughts on what # I can call at Telus to get to the more serious problem solvers. I always get told it'll be expedited and no one ever calls back.

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On rare occasions when this happens to me, I use a gmail SMTP server for outgoing emails. 


I find the issue random in nature, and not always a continuing problem when connected to any particular ISP - sometime it won't work for an email or two, then it works as expected. It seems certain paths fail, but others don't.


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I've encountered this as well when travelling. Telus hints at the issue in the article:


Note the section on "Travelling Internationally" as well as the note at the end:


Note: Some countries may block these settings. If they are not working in the country you are in, you will have to use from any device.


If I have issues while travelling webmail has always worked for sending/receiving.