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Can't Connect Devices Over Guest Network


My landlords and I share the wi-fi. They created a guest network for me but I can't connect any of my devices together over the network (eg my Roku app can't find my TV even though they're on the same guest network etc). Is there any kind of workaround for this?



What is the model number of your landlord's router?


I don't think there is an option on the t3200 to disable device isolation on the guest network.



Thanks for your response! It’s the T3200M.--
Chérie Oduwole


I would suspect that "Smart Steering" is enabled on your T3200. That combines the 2.4GHz and 5Ghz bands into one SSID rendering some 2.4Ghz devices unable to connect to the Wi-Fi.

Log into the router interface and disable the Smart Steering and that will allow both of the SSIDs to become visible. Log into the 2.4FGhz SSID and see if the remedies your problem.


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Here is a related post.


This post talks about being able to disable SSID Isolation on the Guest network.  I do not see that capability on my router.



The reason it's called a Guest Network is that it is supposed to isolate devices so they cannot see your normal network. If they were allowed to see other devices it would defeat the purpose of having a guest network.