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Broadband Connection Failure Message Between Bell Satellite & Telus Fiber


As of 2 days ago I started getting "This receiver must be connected to a phone line or broadband connection. Please connect your receiver and select Yes."  when I try to order a Pay-per-View movie through Bell Satellite. All the other Bell Satellite channels work fine and I can watch regular TV. All other Internet connections to other devices work fine (laptops, iPhone, etc.). I know that this isn't a big issue, and I can always order a movie online or by calling in, but it is annoying that it keeps happening. As mentioned, this only started 2 days ago (I've had both Bell Satellite and Bell for many years and this only started now). I called Bell Canada and they ran a diagnostic. They said that their receiver is working fine and it must be a Telus issue. I called Telus and they too ran a diagnostic and said that the router and modem (both from Telus) are working fine and the issue must be from Bell Satellite. I restarted both the router and modem...I also rebooted my Bell receiver. When checking the Network setup on the Bell receiver the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Primary DNS are all and the Connection Status is Not Connected even after I try to Reset Connection. I am not a tech so I'm not sure where to go from here...any Help 101 ideas/suggestion would be greatly appreciated (in non-tech jargon please :-). 


To get a little more info, how is the Bell receiver connected to the router? Is it wireless or wired? If wired, is it a direct connection or is there a network switch in the signal path somewhere?

It is connected via phone line.

It is connected via phone line.