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Moca devices on Telus Hub based internet

Just Moved In

In case anyone is wondering about Moca devices, here is my experience.

I have a 3 story apartment with Telus hub modem in lower floor. Wifi is congested, and top download speeds in upper floor range from 25 mbs to 80 mbs, with 40 being the average. 

Telus support could not predict expected improvement with additional extender packages, so for the same price as Telus hub extender ($120) I bought a Actiontec 6250 Moca device. The Telus hub is already Moca ready, with  coax connector ;  no programming is required.

I installed the Actiontec to a coax outlet in the upper floor. When no signal appeared, I discovered two Moca filters in the system, one at the service entrance and one where an old Bell satellite  connection joined the installed coax network.

I disconnected both, and while I was at it I removed the cable service entrance from the now unused cable system, and the Moca device immediately connected. No setup required.

I connected my laptop to the Actiontec with a Cat 6 Ethernet cable, and measured download speeds of 900 mbs consistently.

Total time about 1 hour, total expense $120. It could not be easier.




The MoCA filter is there to keep your LAN from being accessible by your neighbor or anyone else that may be connected to the coax ouside your appartment. If you certain there are no connections to the cox outside of your apartment then it's fine to have them disconnected.