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Boost Wi-Fi with T3200m in other room


I have Telus Fibre and my ONT and T3200M router/modem are located in my Family Room where my main TV is located. The Optik PVR is ethernet connected. The Wifi is poor in the living room, and I am thinking about getting a Boost WiFi to help fix that. I have an ethernet connection running from the T3200M to my den for my computer. I have looked at the Boost set up instructions online, and numerous Forum posts on the subject. Normally, you would put the first Boost unit next to the T3200M, and turn off Wifi on the T3200m, unless you have wireless Optik TV.


My plan is to set up the first Boost device in the den with ethernet (after adding an ethernet switch), and the second Boost wirelessly in the living room. I want to leave the T3200M Wi-fi on in the Family Room to get the best signal there. If all devices share the same SSID, will I be able to move from room to room without dropping connections? 


The other option would be to see if I can upgrade to the newer Wi-Fi Hub. Can a Boost Wi-Fi be connected to it with a wired connection on the Same SSID?


Thanks for any answers.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Your initial plan is the best. The new hub is wirelessly connected to the Boost units.

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