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Bad Customer Service.

Just Moved In

Telus has been my provider of home internet since 2013 when I moved to Fort McMurray, AB, and now I have added mobility service with Telus because I thought Telus provided good customer service, but I was wrong. For my home internet, I have a Telus 150 plan, but I do not get more than 60mbps speed. I have called for speed-related problems a number of times, but nobody solved them. After my last call to technical support, a technician came to my house and found there was only one working line in my building, which means you cannot get more than 75mbps speed since Telus removed the second line in 2019. I paid last one year for the Telus 150 plan and I am very surprised how Telus gave me the Telus 150 plan even though I didn't get more than 75 Mbps your technician suggested me you call customer service and ask for reimbursement but when I called many times to loyalty department but got very rude and unethical answered from them and that's why I have decided to cancel the service if you don't want to keep a loyal customer


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. That's definitely not the experience we want our customers to have, and it's likely that the agent who moved the service to the new location didn't have access to the new location to see that there was anything wrong with the lines (thus, the technician dispatch). We can always look into the notes on your account as every interaction is finished with complete notes to the conversation from our agents. Reach out to us over at our Twitter / X or Facebook pages so we can verify the account and take a look.