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Anyone home?

Just Moved In

I've been trying to get hold of someone, anyone at Telus to pay by bill. It appears no one works there any more or at least they don't want to take my money. 


I tried logging on but their wonderful online payment system will NOT take me to my "Home" account, but only my mobility. It will NOT let me change. 


I've tried to call 8 times over the past three (3) weeks. Every time the wait time is over an hour so I wait. After 30 - 40 minutes the Telus system just hangs up on me. More over there is NO option to request a call back like there once was.


Is there an email address I can send the payment too?


Seriously, this is truly pathetic service.  



@Unsatisfied   Looks like you mobiity and home account are not synced. Use the phone working hours during the week. Once into the site ask for a live agent and continue asking for a live agent you will one in farliy short time.  LIVE AGENT keep asking for one. I always get asked if i want a call back. You can ask for BILLING to. Billing will sort it out. Have you set up your home account for yourself. You can sync the mobility account with home account all in one place

Friendly Neighbour

I have had the same issue, using their site on a computer or anything other than mobile is just painful, slow and only works half the time when you do finally get things to load.