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Amazing tech

Just Moved In
I have had the best experience with a telus technician recently. He has been so amazing contacting all the residents in our little rural cottage community to tell us Telus was bringing fibre optic to our area. He not only organized a great package for us, encouraged us to switch to Optic TV for our home in the city and was totally helpful planning, booking a date and installing our cottage internet. He was delightful to have around - loved our dog - a big plus and worked so hard to install this in a challenging environment. He is motivated, hard working and the kind of person you feel would be there to help with anything needed technically. Sometimes it feels like once they sell you the product the job is done and they don’t care anymore but he is there 150% to answer any questions or come back and fix whatever needs to be done. His name is Jason Short and I would love to make sure top management knows about this guy because he is THE BEST!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for letting us know! I'll forward this off to him and his manager. Have a good one!