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Alarm system loses dial tone on Home Phone - it happened again!


It repeated again this morning, yes, around 0400! We are on Telus fibre with the home phone using the fibre.


The alarm system lost it's dial tone and began it's trouble beep = 'communication error'. By the time I got up the house phone had dial tone.  I turned off the alarm sound and rebooted the fibre box (what is it called?) and all seemed well.


Any chance that Telus does a 'system reset' or something like that early in the morning? It may also be time to cancel the home phone and get a cell for the alarm dialer.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



Community Power User
Community Power User

We have had short periods where the phone has lost dial tone during the day. No explanation. 
Telus home security is cellular backed; I only get power outage notifications, and have never seen a lost dial tone error.


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Had lost dial tone issues as well, and usually in conjunction with "communication issue" with my alarm system. It was resolved after a lengthy call.


The other night, lost communication on alarm system but dial tone was fine. A call to ADT had me 'test' the alarm, which was recieved, and the system reset. Buddy says it has to be reset once in a while. Not so bad when I'm home, but what if I'm away??


Lost dial tone this morning again, this time the alarm failed to reset. Only at 7 am. But, the technical follow-up from a telus help call placed last time never arrived. Still wondering why.  Never had this problem before we went to fibre.