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Just Moved In

How do I (and other residents,) lobby for access to Telus internet and TV services for our 20 unit building - and ultimately for the wider community ? 

As a long-time Telus customer, in more than one location, I was satisfied with the service we received and the cost of the services provided.

On our move to this new community, we were forced to accept Shaw for TV and internet service - at a far greater cost.

We are not satisfied with this situation.

I have been told that Telus Fibre Optik serves other buildings in the immediate community.



Community Power User
Community Power User

If there is fibre in the surrounding area, that will help. It would be the responsibility of the building owner, if those are still rental units, or the strata/condo board if you're in a condo. Only they can authorize the installation, which typically is free and won't cost the building anything. The owner/strata would need to go to: to request more information on installation. There is an agreement that typically needs to be signed to authorize installation on the property.

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