About to install Boost Wifi but have a few questions and I am looking for suggestions.


I have the T3200 M and 2 wired optik boxes and 1 wifi optik box. I also have about 30 devices hooked up to a Samsung Smartthings hub as well as various chromecasts and google assistants. My goal is to have all of my devices, not necessarily the wireless optik box, hooked up to the same SSID so when I am trying to chromecast etc.. I don't get messed up by my devices being on two different networks. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Questions are below


1. Do I absolutely have to hard wire one of the boosters to the T3200M or can I hardwire it to one of my CAT 5 outlets? The reason I ask is all of the ports on my T300M are occupied to the various jacks around my house.

2. I am assuming that I cannot turn off the wifi on the t3200M to create only one network as the wifi box needs that signal and can't use the wifi boost?

3. If I do want to turn off the wifi on the T3200M would a powerline ethernet device be a good way to go for the wifi optik box as I don't have a ethernet jack in that location? Has anyone done that and made it work?

4. Any other thoughts or suggestions to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.


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Community Power User

1. Yes you can set up a Boost distant from the T3200M

2. You could if you don't need Wi-Fi for Optik TV

3. Should, but I have not done so.

4. Try it and see!

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