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2 Router 2 IP Set Up Issues

Just Moved In

I have a set up that I am using that seems to work for other people but I cant seem to get it to work for me. The goal is to have 2 IP addresses functioning at the same time.


Can someone tell me what I am missing to get this set up working properly.


The current set up has the ONT going into a 5 port tp link gigabit switch. Out from the switch into a linksys router, and out from the switch into a tp link router. Everything works great, with two separate IP addresses but then the tp link disconnects internet. I reboot it and it works for a few hours and then disconnects the internet again.


I tried the same set up with the switch going to the Linksys router and the Telus 3200 box and the telus box ends up dropping an internet connection after a few hours as well. 


What I am doing wrong where one router keeps dropping the connection and won't hold?


Community Power User
Community Power User

What happens if you swap Ethernet cables at the switch, or move them to other ports on the switch?

Do all routers work if independently connected to the ONT?


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