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1 moth to transfer Telus services

Just Moved In
Hi all,

Just wondering. Does anyone have the same experience?
I tried to transfer Telus services to the new address.
I started to call Telus December 7th 2021 and it took them 1 week to confirm that PureFibre is available to my address. I think it’s because technician didn’t updated the status. It’s in Evanston NW.
I heard different stories from support. Ports are frozen, Fibre doesn’t exist etc..
Manager of the building showed me that everything is connected inside the building and outside the building. It’s townhome. And I took all the pictures.
Ok. Than Telus allowed me to schedule an appointment for the technician installation for December 28th 2021.
I tried to reschedule my appointment for the earlier date. But Telus support saying. “Sure. How about December 29th 2021”. They told me that they will send the request to the dispatch team. It would take 24hr
Does anyone have a phone number of Manager who could help me with this issue? Is it happening because I am an existing customer?
I also asked them that I could do it by myself. I mean if everything is connecting all I need is just to bring the Telus equipment and connect it. Right?
They told me: “No. You have to wait a technician “


You called Dec 7 and your appointment is Dec 28. That's 3 weeks which sounds reasonable these days.

Reasonable is a good word. On Telus website it says 2 weeks before moving. Every situation is different. Sometimes you just need the right explanation.
I finally found the specialist who explained me everything. Fibre cable is underground and ground is frozen. It would take a while to check that connection is active. As soon as this issue will be resolved Telus could schedule an earlier date.