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1.5 GB Fibre and ONT

I recently upgraded from 1.0 to 1.5 GB Fibre.

I have the the acatel G-240 G-A ONT.

From what I read on the inter webs is that Data Port 1 is only a 10/100/1000 Port. Can anyone confirm or deny that? If true how is it possible to get 1.5 GB speeds if that port is restricted to 1.0?



@NewfieRocket Wrote: Data Port 1 is only a 10/100/1000 Port.


Indeed after reading some of the online literature and Specs for this device, it seems as it indeed has 1Gbps ports.


I would contact TELUS support to discuss a hardware u[grade to enable support for your 1.5Gbps service. Cheers...


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Ok so after doing some digging here is what I found:

  • The Nokia\Acatel Onts are capable of multi speeds but the LAN port is limited to 10/100/1000
  • The NH20A accepts a fibre connection and has a 10GB port that can be placed into bridge mode once fibre is attached otherwise it is the WAN Port.

In My situation I was running two routers with public IPs, in typical fashion as described all over this forum. ONT -> Switch -> NH20A and XR1000 Routers. Everything was fine until I upgraded to 1.5GBs. At this point this no longer worked as it was bottle necked at the LAN port 1 of the ONT. I thought I might get new hardware to support those speeds but was assured by Telus I had the newest gear. After many phone calls to Telus technical support and absolutely Zero help from them(they literally had no idea) and digging in this Forum I realized that the only solution was to have the fibre come directly into the NH20 and Bridge the 10GBs port and hook my XR1000 into it. 


For anyone not getting max speeds on anything over 1GBs this is a very viable solution. Running speeds tests on two different PCs at the same time I was averaging about 1.7 GB/s which I am very pleased with. My house hold normal traffic and server is free to do as they please and it will not in any way interfere or cause buffer bloat on my gaming network.

Yes, right now your 1.5G is just bandwidth. You need to be upgraded to a newer ONT and on top of that Telus needs to check if your line is connected to equipment that supports over 1G on their end. Not all neighborhoods have faster speed equipment readily available, so even with a NAH router and new ONT you could be stuck with just extra bandwidth instead of actual speed. Best way is to call fiber customer service and ask for a ONT upgrade since you want faster speed not just more bandwidth, but if the equipment is not available for your street the new ONT won't work.