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Customers on Galiano Island frequently get mistaken for travelling to the US since we are very close to the border. We get roaming notifications and charges often, and to-date have had to call in each time to request the charges be removed. We have had inconsistent service for these requests including sometimes having to pay all or part of the roaming charges when we haven't left the island. It seems to depend on which agent handles the request.

For many of us the Verizon signal is actually stronger than the Telus signal.

Please add Galiano Island to the accidental roaming zone so that we don't have to individually reach out each time!

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Yes, agreed!  I am a Telus user and my cell phone often thinks it is in the USA when on Galiano Island, Canada!  This is especially true at the Galiano Golf course at the south end of Galiano. Please help! 

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Me too re roaming notifications and charges. I'm on south end of galiano where I use mobile phone as my only phone and also use telus smart hub for internet services. 

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Yes!! Same here, on top of constantly being told by Telus reps that we have full cell service here, when I don’t get service at all the majority of the time 

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Adding a comment from neighboring Saturna Island, where this is also a huge issue!  Much of our island falls into the "US" service area.  Many of us also have issues with roaming notifications.  Each and every month my sister has to call telus to have roaming charges removed which is a huge headache.

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You can go to the carrier settings on your phone, and change from ‘Automatic’ and select ‘Telus’ from the list which populates. This will prevent your phone from connecting to other networks.