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TELUS Email Migration Guide - Powered by Google

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Throughout this year, in 2021, we will continue to migrate our TELUS webmail customers to our new email platform - TELUS email powered by Google. 


Our previous email/webmail system in its current form is slow and built on older technology, which is difficult to maintain while delivering the quality, security, functionality and reliability of email to our customers.


With this change, it will provide our customers many new benefits, such as:

  • Triple your current storage space from 5 GB to 15 GB
  • Being able to check your email on any device
  • Improved reliability and security for your peace of mind

We understand the migration process is far from perfect, and we have worked continuously to update our support information, to help provide a seamless transition.


Here is our new support video to provide you an end to end overview of the migration process, as well as resources available. 



Below we’ve included the URLs mentioned in the video:


If you received an invite to migrate, or want early access: telus.com/ScheduleMigration

Info you will need on the day of migration: telus.com/steps

Help with third party email programs (e.g. MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird): telus.com/setup


FAQ - here are some of the frequently asked questions that we've seen in the forum. We'll add it to as more comes in


What if I still haven't receive an notificaton that migration is completed? - if more than 24 hours has passed since your selected migration date, please follow the migration day instructions which will take you to visit mail.google.com/a/telus.net to enter your TELUS email address. If you are able to follow the guide, and log in, the process is completed. If you encounter any issues, please contact us for support. 


Please note: We have limited support for third party email programs, and may need to direct you to your email program provider for assistance. 

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Just Moved In

I have 3 email accounts under telus, i would expect the migration tool would migrate to 3 new gmail accounts but it doesn't look like it does. I tried migration one of my accounts to gmail , now my telus email address is not linked to the new gmail account. when i send an email to my old telus email address it's undeliverable. how do i map my telus email to them gmail account


Community Power User
Community Power User

Did you follow the instructions above? If you are trying to map the account to a Gmail address you created, that is not possible.

Just Moved In

So it looks like i've lost one of my telus email accounts, i can't log into it using telus login and if i log into GMAIL there are no emails there. If Telus can't fix this and I have to lose all my email accounts what's the benefit to staying with telus. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you contacted Telus directly yet to inquire about the issue you're having? The forums here are mainly inhabited by Telus customers and only Telus will have access to accounts and any confidential information related to them.

Just Moved In

I will , just can't seem to get through, thanks for  your help