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Quebec Small Business Voice & Data Plans

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I have been talking to TELUS about a new business plan for a month now.  My current business plan being expired.

I was looking a the Quebec Small Business Voice & Data Plans more specifically at the Premium plan 70$/month option.  This option is different from the other 3 Premium Plan option as it offers 8GB and a 200$ credit off a new device.  The other 3 Premium plans don't offer the 200$ credit.

When I look at the prices for the different phones, all offer a specific price range for the Premium Plans without making any distinction between the 4 options offers.  For example, the iphone 8 is offered at 230$ for the Quebec Small Business Premium Plans.  I would be easily understood that the 70$/month option offers a 200$ credit on the 230$ offer for the iphone.  However, I am told from the fidelity groupe that no, the 200$ credit is off the regular price of 430$ for a iphone, which leaves me to pay 230$ for the phone, the same price as the 3 other options.

This is false advertising.  If this is the case, there is no 200$ credit off the pay the same price as the 3 other options.


I am asking TELUS to repect their advertised offer and give me a 200$ credit off the iphone 8 at 230$ for the 70$/month option.


Community Power User
Community Power User

The fine print at the bottom (Terms and Conditions) of the devices page states:

"2. Only available on a TELUS Quebec Small Business Premium plan starting at $65/mo. Offer applies to new TELUS Business customer activations. Not available for Consumer accounts. Ask a TELUS representative for other eligibility requirements. Offer available for a limited time and is subject to change without notice."


The Ad copy clearly states the prices are:

$130 On a 2-year Quebec Small Business Premium Plus Plan1

$230 On a 2-year Quebec Small Business Premium Plan2

$430 On a 2 year term3 


Since the only Quebec Small Business Premium Plan exceeding $65 is the $70 one you chose, the $200 device credit is already factored into the advertised price.  You can try making the purchase with a $60 Quebec Small Business Premium Plan, and see what happens. I expect the phone price top be $430 for that scenario.

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