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We have been (im)patiently waiting for fiber in our area. Last summer (July 2017) we even had some Telus employees running cables to the inside of our and adjacent businesses. After contacting Telus many many times about a projected timeline and coming up empty over the past 7 months. I would like to propose that instead of directing customers to that you instead have a page with a list of  planned upcoming areas. I understand that it is a complicated process to map out and install and an exact timeline would be unavailable. However a view of the upcoming areas scheduled for service would provide much better customer service than customers being sent to a site to confirm what they already know. The lack of information flow when customers inquire is frustrating from a customer perspective. Being told no one can give me any details is aggravating and at least if customers could see their area on a list getting closer and closer to the "Next Area For Services" would bring a lot of peace of mind.


Thank you for your time,



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Community Power User

Given the angst by consumers over short delays in roll out of cellular phone updates on the Software Update Page, causing Telus to cease posting future updates, I would expect similar issues to arise with a timeline of Fibre roll out. Since there are many more potential roadblocks to a smooth Fibre  install, I see increased calls to Telus with unsolvable demands to meet a stated timeline - human nature, I guess.

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Well, I would do things a bit differently than they are.

I was told that it would be about six months before PureFibre would be in my area.  That was almost two years ago.


Since approvals in cities I would expect are by area, I don't see why they can't do a little better than they are.


Having obnoxious salespeople in malls where they don't take my word for the fact that I checked, demanding my address so they can check it is absurd.  I've run into these contractors several times given the lack of fibre in most areas near me, they are for the most part, a detriment to Telus and their products.


I would certainly be more than happy to pay for fiber internet and Optik TV.  Until that time, I will continue to use Shaw.  However, it should be noted that the only reason I am using Shaw is that the Telus fibre isn't here..

I dislike the argument that since some people are negative on some other form we expect the same here. If you were posting release dates for fiber and not meeting them I would expect people to get frustrated.


(I do not condone being a jerk though, but i can empathize the frustration especially when my phone manufacture has updated the version of android  for my device and the carrier doesn't update it or waits until I have upgraded my phone to update the bloat ware and roll the phone out to me... But that's another topic for a different thread on a different company form.)


What I am proposing is a place customers can go for a status update. So they can see if any progress is being made instead of being left out in the dark wondering if anyone gives a care about them and their neighbors. Left to cope with what ever hogged-pogged solution they currently have. especially when they can look out across the street and know that across the street the fiber is flowing freely.


It might not be the best solution, but it is a better one than the one that is currently being used. I can honestly say I am glad it is not my decision to decide on the best solution for customer relations. I would just like an improvement above and beyond hold your breath till it gets there... and hope i don't die before then.